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A private, secure, distributed authentication and authorisation system for the world. 

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We need ONE password to enter any location be it on the web or even physical premises.  We need to keep ALL our personal data with ourselves. Private and secure.  There are many good reasons for getting a username at Homing Space . See our videos here  and here

We invented Homing Space to solve many tricky problems on the Internet. Homing Space is a special space within your own phone! This service works using open source audited cryptography. Our work is also largely open source. Read the docs!

Homing Space World is distributed!

Each person carries his/her own Homing Space right in his/her own phone. There is NO WAY hackers can collect such a highly distributed set of credentials together!

Homing Space gets you back in control!

Homing Space is that authentication and authorisation system you want.  

When you go to a merchant's site, the merchant ONLY asks for your Homing Space username and nothing else. The merchant site then comes searching for you. 

When you supply that username, the merchant encrypts their own site key into a box and comes to your phone with the box. Then you use your own private key (kept securely in your own Homing Space) to open the box.  

You retrieve the merchant's site key from the opened box. Hence you can now let yourself into that site!

You use the same process wherever Homing Space usernames are accepted. Logins and registration are all one and the same now! You are easily welcomed into such sites!  

This works on audited open source code. See the docs on how to view our code (See it in a desktop browser and not on mobiles)

Create your own 
Homing Space now!

Benefits for end users

Totally free for end users. Extremely simple way to use the Internet. Tremendously reduce the clutter in your mind. Phishing attacks or other forms of hacking are severely reduced!


The Homing Space in your phone is like a "Debit card" for your personas!

Just the way your debit card  that you use at an ATM*, your phone turns into a highly secure physical device inside which the "magnetic strip" (metaphor!) holds your data securely. 

Nobody can access that secure data in your phone -- you need to unlock it with the password you had memorized. Even phishing attacks are reduced. 

Users are already familiar with using extremely private apps such as Tinder, Snapchat, etc. and so this is quite similar in the sense of privacy that you get inside your Homing Space 

Our system is like debit cards.in another way : You dont need a phone number or email address to use a debit card. We too do NOT ask all that.


Use just ONE password. Everywhere!

Do not set passwords all over the place. Create one password for your Homing Space personas. The same password is used to enter at any system where Homing Space usernames can be given.

Unlike conventional passwords -- which are "hashed" and kept in the merchant's database; your password goes nowhere. 

It is not even saved on your phone. You need to remember it  -- But do write it down and store the paper in a phyical location you know and you are in control of.

BTW, we do NOT even use your email address or a phone number when you create your Homing Space.


Authorise your personal data yourself

Do NOT keep your personal data scattered all over the place. Homing Space is highly private. You keep the data with yourself in your phone; and you are very sure of the exact personal records that you gave to any site..

Not just that: You are sure that the entire collection of your data is with you ALL the time. No need to worry that some part of the data is with Facebook, some other with Twitter and so on. With some sites holding onto very stale data about you.

Forget the days of login thru Facebook, login thru Twitter, etc. 


Use SEVEN personas. Have fun!

When you create your own Homing Space, you get seven personas (plus one -- described below*) so that you can store the data of seven different "persons" (hence the term "persona" )

Why multiple personas?  Because you may be a bit shy and may not want other members of a website to recognize you by your regular name -- you can then choose one of the rest of the six names on that particular site

*There is one additional persona that is created -- which is ONLY used for account recovery.



The system is highly responsive.. There is no real difference between "registration" and "login" on all the sites which uses the Homing Space system. In fact, you can usually start using a new merchant's offering practically immediately or in a few minutes. That too the COMPLETE offering.

Since we use very strong cryptography, merchants are sure that their sites are not flooded with fake accounts.  This results in them trusting you with more freebies. 

As a user, you can now participate in P2P systems, and new ways of conducting authentic discourses on the Internet which were earlier not possible


Recovery mechanism available

If ever you lose your phone or it is stolen; you can get back your Homing Space personas. We have implemnted a very easy, crafty recovery mechanism that ensures that at least the personas you created are returned back to you. 

But if you do not choose to use your earlier personas when you get a new phone -- no worries! The earlier personas would get orphaned -- nobody else can use them and so you are VERY safe. 

Even the thief who grabbed your phone would not be able to use your personas or the data on your phone! 

You locked all that with your password, remember?

Benefits for merchants

Merchants get better sleep. Their websites become a lot more secure than before. They would be known for being sensitive about their users personal data. Much less reasons for getting hacked or phished! User registrations would be rapid!

Be really proactive about privacy

Build up confidence in your audience. Do not just give a pithy statement on how your website implements privacy. Be a man!  Demonstrate that you care. Walk the talk!  

When you implement a Homing Space authentication and authorisation system, you are provably telling that you take the user's privacy very seriously. 

The merchant can proudly and rightly claim that they pick up user's data ONLY from the user directly and nowehere else. 

In fact, we are so confident of our system that we suspect that merchants can even think of offloading the "profile" page directly to the Homing Space system -- in control of the user.

Merchants can even develop apps and services that do NOT NEED email addresses or phone numbers

Reduce sock puppets (also called Sybil accounts)

A lot of merchants on the Internet are plagued by people having multiple accounts under different usernames -- to drain the resources of the merchant. 

This limits, for example, some nice free offers that the merchant could have given.  
Users on Homing Space are given 7 accounts for them to mask their identity, but the merchant can check for the fingerprint of these identities and reject if the same person had come under a different name.  

This does not totally eliminate sock puppet accounts but drastically reduces them. 

Note that many people take on fake identities not to game the system, but because they were shy about revealing themselves. Now they can do all that officially -- and yet not take more accounts from the merchants either

Practically impossible to hack into

The merchant site ONLY has Homing Space usernames of the users of that system. The passwords are never stored at the merchant location. 

Today, the Internet is leaking usernames and passwords everywhere.  

Professional, large organization may have systems in place  so that nobody in their organizations can access the clear-text data of usernames and passwords together. However poorly managed websites do not implement the correct, secure internal processes and the credentials gets leaked out.

This kind of leakage (and other forms too) simply does NOT happen with the Homing Space system 
Why? Because ONLY usernames are stored. Nothing else. The users activity is handled session wise -- which can be deleted after the session is over

Reduce sysadmin work hugely

Conventionally, managing the entry of users into a merchants site is a huge headache. Usernames have to be stored. Passwords have to be hashed and stored. Systems are to be put into place so that nobody inside can really know both username and password (hashed) together at the same time ... and so on.

Homing Space requires the merchant to use just one username. Nothing else. All other background work to be done by the merchant is only for the session at work..  

Merchants need no even implement the "account confirmation loop" or the "forgot password" loop.

In fact, as far as user's experience goes -- there is NO separate registration and login -- both are effectively one and the same!

No need to implement OTP*s, etc

Homing Space replaces all OTP systems. Do NOT invest in time and energy coding the OTP loop, and spends tons of money paying for text messages, etc. Even Google Authenticator, etc are not needed. Homing Space itself is that single point two factor system (without frightening your user with terms such as "two factor" etc) 

The two factors are 
a) what the user has ( the users own phone) and 
b) what the user knows (the password stored in the users own mind and nowhere else) 

*OTP = Strictly speaking, OTP just means "One Time Password"  but the popularly 
it is often meant to be a SMS/Text message sent on a phone. That kind of OTP is not needed with Homing Space; but Homing Space does use other form of OTPs

Homing Space is fast!

Conventional entry systems that merchants may have already implemented can be converted in a very short time. Merchants can even use our sister-site "simplysign.in" to have a practically codeless transition to our system.

As there is only one Homing Space system that people use, each merchant who signs up can enjoy the users that other Homing Space merchants had setup.  

Thus, setting up Homing Space system is surely fast. However, a merchants acquiring users will also be rapid!

ATM = Automatic Teller Machine.  
That box where you insert a debit card of your bank
and get money from your bank balance. 
Also known as  "Cash Machine" or "Cash Point" or "DABs or 
distributeur automatique de  billet" or "Cajero autom√°tico" 

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