You would have many properties that define that you as a person. Such as your birthday, address, full name, and so on. These are saved inside your Homing Space as "name-value" (also sometimes known a "key-value") pairs.  

Scopes is the term we use for those keys of the aforementined key-value pairs. When a merchant is seeking additional data from the user; the wording has to be exact as per the italicised words in the list below.

If the merchant wants something specific to his application, the merchant needs to use a prefix that is assigned to that merchant during the merchant's registration with us.  

fullname = The full name of the user
email = The email address of the user
email1 = The second email address of the user
email2 = The third email address of the user
address = The postal address of the user
avatarurl = The URL where the avatar image is stored
phone1 = The first phone number of the user
phone2 = The second phone number of the user
birthday  = The birthday of the user