Merchants* using Homing Space

This page will list the merchants who allow entry of users who have created Homing Spaces inside their phone/tablet browsers. It also contains a list of software that merchants can use to easily incorporate this new, simple way of enrolling members. 

For a detailed hand-holding, write to us at We will explain how you can setup your code real fast. You can also write to us if you are interested in the code modifications we have made to make Open-Source software accept the Homing Space method of letting users in

*Pssst... who is a merchant?
We are using the term "merchant" rather loosely. We mean any entity that has a login and registration system. It could be a website, an app, or even an IoT system with enough code to allow users with Homing Space to use that system

Open source software that seamlessly allow users to enter using Homing Space

We will expand this topic soon

Open source software that allow Homing Space to register users

Some open source software are quite firm in the way they use the older (username/email + password) method of registration.  They would need more modifications to adopt to the seamless method described on the left. 

Nevertheless, businesses can use such Open Source software to let Homing Space do the registration of new users (and in several cases, the reset of passwords also) Once a user account is created in such software via Homing Space; the user can login to such OSS software just as before

This is still advantageous to the user and the business: Because the account is NOT based on identifiable cues (like an email address or phone number) this form of registration allows users to retain their privacy and businesses also are reasonably assured that it is difficult for a registered user to create multiple accounts in their systems.

You can email us at; and we will give you the modified code of such OSS.

Shortly, we would put up our forked versions of these OSS at some public location such as GIthub, etc -- even if we are unable or not licensed to fork the OSS, we will surely explain what modifications you need to use

1. DokuWiki  (We already use this in our Wiki here) The unmodified version of this OSS is at 
2. Synapse (Matrix/Riot Server) The unmodified version of this OSS is at